Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Henry Miller on money

From Tropic of Capricorn:

To walk in money through the night crowd, protected by money, lulled by money, dulled by money, the crowd itself a money, the breath money, no least single object anywhere that is not money, money, money everywhere and still not enough, and then no money or a little money or less money or more money, but money, always money, and if you have money or you don’t have money it is the money that counts and money makes money, but what makes money make money?


  1. You have to love the net, one of my favorite Henry Miller rants about money, covered nicely in the movie, "Henry and June". Imagine ending up on a blog by someone, " if you haven't guessed it, i'm patiently waiting for the rapture". Now, I am not mocking you, I really think Henry would have loved it, too. He talks about what kinda people were attracted to him. I will revisit this blog, seems quite interesting. Thanks for posting Henry's rant, I didn't feel like typing it all out on FB. Anonymous

  2. Nice to find another Henry Miller fan on the 'net. Please do continue reading here. Henry is definitely one of my role models and I think it shows.

  3. brilliant piece! Thank you for posting.


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