Saturday, January 31, 2009

In case you might have missed it . . .

the following paragraph in the previous post, from Castro's interview, is worth repeating:
The developed capitalist system, which later gave rise to modern imperialism, has finally imposed a neoliberal and globalized order that is simply unsustainable. It has created a world of speculation where fictitious wealth and stocks have been created that have nothing to do with actual production, as well as enormous personal fortunes, some of which exceed the gross domestic product of dozens of poor countries. No need to add the plundering and squandering of the world’s natural resources and the miserable lives of billions of people. There is nothing this system can offer humanity. It can only lead to its own self-destruction and perhaps along with it to the destruction of the natural conditions that sustain human life on this planet.
What only a short time ago what might have been dismissed as empty rhetoric now looks remarkably prescient. What other statements by Castro and other socialist leaders might we now want to reconsider?

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