Monday, January 26, 2009


As he moved in toward her she slowly backed away.
As he looked into her eyes she averted her gaze.
When he spoke softly she was already speaking to another.
As he touched her face she brushed his hand away.

He moved in toward her but she moved away from him.
He reached out for her but she drew in more to herself.
Reaching for her he held his hand out toward her.
But her hand moved back reaching for the door behind her.

He held her shoulder and boldly pulled her toward him.
She pulled back leaning toward the door behind her.
As he moved in toward her and moved his hand below her shoulder,
She moved her shoulder back against the door behind her.

As he moved in toward her and looked into her eyes,
Her eyes closed slowly and she slowly averted her gaze.
As he touched her hair softly slowly stroking the strands.
She pulled back slowly but a strand moved toward him.

He held the strand and pulled it slowly toward him.
And as he did she moved in his direction,
Speaking softly as she moved in toward him.
And placed her soft hand softly on him,
Moving her shoulder tight against his shoulder.
But he was already looking at another.


  1. And she drew her other hand from behind her back and beaned his balding head with the filthy vodka glass that had been on his cluttered kitchen table. Setting his beard on fire, was not an option.

  2. Now now, remember, this is a pacifist site. :-)


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