Tuesday, February 3, 2009


for Dave:

blood flows in my heart of white angels clapping the winds flow fires
the winds flow fires through stones shelter winding in tune through me
tune through me in strange pale red light translucent drowning dreaming
translucent drowning dreaming driving white light peasant ponies before me
ponies before me streaming star light snail shell wet targets what sings
targets what sings songs hidden carefully folding unfolding green fields
unfolding green fields lighting before me my sweet smiling accompaniment
smiling accompaniment plays night parts cover what she brings unwrapped
she brings unwrapped unstrung folding and unfurling the sweet night torn
night torn pushing the wind through me in places escaping red seasons
red seasons soon pressing the dawn rose into my eyes slept raggedy borders
raggedy borders of valentine night wind clouds traveling together as we
together as we two eyes open silent note drifts play hand mouth wet softly
mouth wet softly place pure white horses grazing sun plant grasses slightly
grasses slightly bent unwinding seasons bowed before the milky galaxies
the milky galaxies winding way white horses spacious rooms green leaves
rooms green leaves are green leaves waving goodbye forever wind mansions
forever wind mansions rainy gradually rising within me well angel voice
me well angel voice suddenly expressing in topics circular light margin
light margin holding gentle cruise winds palm marking sweet center goodbye
sweet center goodbye my love forever of wind roomy mansions trellis forms
trellis forms cluster translucent crystal fortress white diamond driving
white diamond driving peasant ponies before me to the wine shore citadel
shore citadel dreaming night fathoms stolen pebble storm shallow beast
shallow beast sunken bellow cast wet targets in stones formed to shelter me
shelter me my love forever banked fires on the plain white smiling face
white smiling face fading pencil trace twice tone in round pale semblance
pale semblance gray sand mouth print closing time camp seems criss crossing
criss crossing gray coast wrapped sand eye trace border line great fire stage

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