Saturday, February 14, 2009

Socialist Hell -- Part 3

T: [Simulateous with BB's recitation, also in a loud voice] When crimes multiply, they grow invisible. When suffering becomes unendurable, one no longer hears the cries of the sufferers. They fall like summer rain.

[It begins to rain. The original back lighting fades in gradually. Visual rain effect, using some sort of projection, sound of rain over the loudspeaker system, mixing with the increasingly violent wind sounds. As the scene continues, the memorial candles are blown out one by one.]

[VG sits down on the floor of the stage, putting his head in his hands and cries out:]

VG: [This speech is overlaid with the remainder of the interview] Hopeless. It's hopeless! I'm tired. So tired. So DAMNED tired! [He reaches under his mattress and pulls out a pistol.] All I want now is to rest, that's all. Nothing's worked out. For me. For the world. After all the years of idealism, all the hopes and dreams, all the debates, the protests, the activism, where has it gotten us? Even in this country the "new economy" is a sham. Plenty of "jobs," sure. If you want to teach part time, for a pittance, or take a temporary job, no benefits, minimum wage. The only ones profiting from it are the wealthy. The CEO's of big companies are the old robber barons born again. Raking in millions every year, the companies they work for could succeed or fail, no difference for them. Whether in Russia, Japan, the USA, wherever, nobody seems to mind. Let them rob us blind, who cares? Who the Hell SHOULD care, the way things have gone? What can we DO about it, they seem to be sneering at us, what can we do that hasn't already been attempted, hasn't already failed?

And on top of it all, I didn't get my grant -- and my wife is leaving me. I'm tired, I need to rest, rest, I need Death, to end it, to rest, rest, rest, so tired . . . .

[S.makes her way across the stage, approaches VG gently, touches his face, moves her hand down to his shoulder, down his arm and finally to the pistol, which she gently holds, as though holding his hand.]

[All freeze until the interview is over.]

[Interview ends.]

VG: [Shouting deliriously.] I can't stand it any more. [Casting S aside, he runs to the opposite end of the stage and lifts the revolver to his head.] End it now. Tired, so tired. End it now. I just want to sleep, to rest. End it. Forever. Sleep now. Sleep.

BB, S and T: [singing in both English and German. As they sing, they walk slowly toward VG. He gradually lowers the revolver and sinks down to the floor.]

English version:

Rest now but not in death in life
No time in death no time for rest
In death time dies too rest rest now

While there is time make time for rest
Death can not rest no time for death
Death can't persist there is no time

No time to breathe to turn to think
No time to rest no time in death
So rest in life rest now now rest

Rest now in time while there is time
In life rest now now rest in time
In time now rest while living rest

Death has no time no time to rest
When time is dead death can't persist
No rest for death there is no time

To breathe to think to rest to die
So rest now while there is some time
Rest now in life don't wait for death

Take time to rest for death will wait
Until you're done and take you then

There is no death there only was
Some time to live some time to think
To think of death to think of time

No death for time I think no rest
Rest now while there is time for rest
Rest now there is no time in death

Rest now for if you wait for death
There'll be no time in death for rest.

Death strikes you when you are asleep
You die but then you wake again
Was it a dream you dreamed you died?

It felt so real but here you are again
You die you're dead a billion years
You wake and think it's all a dream

Those years have vanished in a blink
You've dreamed you died and here you are.

German Version

Ruh nun doch nicht im Tod im Leben
Zeit nicht im Tod Zeit nicht in Ruh
Im Tod Zeit stirbt auch ruh ruh nun

Wenn Zeit es gibt nimm Zeit zur Ruh.
Tod kann nicht ruhn kein Zeit für Tod
Der Tod harrt nicht aus Zeit ist nicht

Zeit nicht zu atmen zu wenden zum Denken
Zeit nicht zu ruhn Zeit nicht im Tod.
So ruh im Leben ruh nun nun ruh

Ruh nun in der Zeit wenn es Zeit gibt
Im Leben ruh nun nun ruh in der Zeit
In Zeit nun ruh wenn Leben ruht.

Der Tod ohn Zeit ohn Zeit zur Ruh
Ist die Zeit tot harrt der Tod nicht aus
Kein' Ruh zum Tod gibt es kein Zeit

Zu atmen zu denk'n zu ruhn zu sterb'n.
Ruh nun so es noch gibt etwas Zeit

Ruh nun im Leben wart' nicht auf den Tod
Nimm Zeit zu ruhn der Tod wird wart'n
Bis du fertig bist dann holt er dich.

Es gibt kein Tod er war doch nur
Noch Zeit zu leben noch Zeit zu denken
Zu denken den Tod zu denken die Zeit
Kein Tod fuer die Zeit ich denk ruh' nicht

Ruh nun so es Zeit gibt zu ruhn
Ruh nun es gibt kein Zeit im Tod
Ruh nun denn wart'st du auf den Tod
Wird Zeit nicht sein im Tod zu ruhn.

Der Tod holt dich im tiefen Schlaf
Du stirbst doch dann wachst du wieder
War's ein Traum du traeumtest du starbst

S'war so echt doch nun bist du wieder
Du stirbst du bist tot Milliarden Jahre
Du wachst und denkst es ist ein Traum

Diese Jahre verstreich'n doch im Nu
Da traeumtest du starbst und da bist du.

[During the recitation of the poem, VG falls into a deep sleep.]

BB: Quickly. Gently. Tie his hands. Carry him to the laboratory.

[S and T tie VG. All three carry him offstage. Blackout.]

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