Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Real Party Endorsements

OK, I got a request from an admirer to post something today, so my many (????) fans will know how to vote tomorrow. Vote the straight Democratic Party ticket, folks. Because a vote for any Republican is a vote for disaster, well above and beyond what Bush brought us. My hope was that a complete breakdown of the financial system would force the world to reject the phoney "free market" system once and for all and finally accept that the "dog eat dog" so-called "enlightened self-interest" philosophy of Ayn Rand can't work, and we are all in this together and need to look after one another. Because as I see it, truly enlightened self-interest is exactly equivalent to the Golden Rule: do unto others as one would have others do unto you. A world in which I thrive at the expense of my fellow humans is NOT in my interest, since I prefer to live in a sane and caring rather than an insane and indifferent enviroment, ruled by avarice and arrogance.

What I didn't expect, however, was the resurgence of extreme right wing ideology, almost to the point of out and out fascism that has now been set in motion. The so-called "Tea Party" wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many billionaires working so hard to co-opt it to serve their own selfish, greedy and power hungry interests. As a result there are some truly dangerous characters being heavily promoted as Republican candidates and whatever once existed in that party that might have been meaningful has been destroyed.

In short: Fight Fascism -- vote Democrat!

As far as the Get Real Party is concerned, I'm afraid the world is not quite ready, as yet, for a reality and sanity based party. So we'll need to settle for now on Obama and the Democrats, despite all their many failings.

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