Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Thoughts on Climate Change -- part 9: Even Worse Than We Thought!

Latest climate change bombshell: Canada has been warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. If you don't believe me, Google it.

Yes indeed. Just one report out of many, from the BBC itself,
Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, report says 
Canada is warming on average at a rate twice as fast as the rest of the world, a new scientific report indicates.
The federal government climate report also warns that changes are already evident in many parts of the country and are projected to intensify.
But wait. As we're reminded time after time by climate scientists, the situation is actually MUCH WORSE. Because China is also warming twice as fast:

China has been warming faster than the global average and has seen its coastal sea level rise over several decades, according to a report published by the China Meteorological Administration on Tuesday.
From 1951 to 2016, the annual average land surface temperature in the country has increased by an average of 0.24 C every 10 years, nearly double the global average, according to the 2018 blue book on China's climate change.
It's even worse than that, folks, because, according to The Guardian, Europe is also warming faster than the rest of the world:
Since 1979, the land in Europe has been warming faster than the global average of 0.27 degrees Celsius (°C) per decade.
Spain is warming even faster than Canada, according to this report:
Spain has warmed at a faster rate than the rest of the northern hemisphere over the past three decades, according to a study prepared for the environment ministry that was published Tuesday.

But hold the presses: according to Popular Science, the prize will eventually go to the folks down under:
“Australia will warm faster than the rest of the world,” Kevin Hennessy, a principal research scientists at CSIRO told the Guardian. The Environmental Protection Agency says the average global temperatures are expected to increase by 2 to 11.5 F (1.1 to 6.4 C) by 2100, placing Australia at the warmer end of the spectrum, and way above the United Nation's goal to keep temperatures from rising more than 3.6 F (2 C).
But but but. What about tiny Singapore?
The recent spells of hot weather that Singaporeans have been experiencing may not be just temporary heatwaves. 
The island is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world - at 0.25 degrees Celsius per decade - according to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS). It is almost 1 deg C hotter today than in the 1950s.

Shades of Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.

Full disclosure. The inspiration for this post came from a recent youtube video, 

posted by Adapt 2030. He's the one who called it out. I just filled in some of the blanks. Couldn't resist. 

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