Monday, August 8, 2011

The Spectres, Part 2

And so: what will happen after the monumentally destructive forces of "free-market" capitalism drive  themselves into the ground, taking the rest of us with them? Truthfully, I don't know. Another great depression? A period of "social unrest"? A period of uncertainty? A period of post-apocalyptic chaos? A revival of Communism? Fascism? Nazism? (Glen Beck would make a marvelously paranoid fuhrer.) Possibly all of the above.

But what I'd like to think would ultimately happen would be a great awakening. A passing through the Gateless Gate. Money will return to being a harmless medium of exchange rather than a commodity in itself. Our leaders will be forced to find ways to fairly and equably produce and distribute resources through judicious planning. Instead of lending money to bankers who then lend money to other bankers who then lend money to other bankers who then lend money to businesses which then create products and jobs, governments will realize that the most efficient method of creating and distributing wealth is to eliminate all those parasitic middlemen and create products and jobs without them. If technology has provided us with the means to increase productivity then, once those middlemen have been eliminated (or more accurately eliminated themselves), technology can be put to use directly for the benefit of all, rather than the few.

This sounds like a Utopian dream and I suppose it is. But it is also possible. We can make it real. How do I know that it's possible and not a daydream? Because I saw it with my own eyes. When I visited a country that no longer exists, which is a terrible shame. A country without slums, without poverty, without beggars, without coercion and without fear. It was called: Yugoslavia.


  1. Hey Doc, thanks for putting such a positive slant on the coming Greater Depression. When I started reading your blog a few years ago (on a recommended link in a NY Times comment section) I was very depressed about the economic depression I felt was inevitable. Now you have me rooting for it! And today was a real bright spot eh? Isn't it too funny that this market crash directly coincides with the
    Rick Perry Prayer Convention in Texas? And today the market went down 6.66%. Hmmmmm...666, it certainly give one pause, when never were so many evildoers gathered in one place in Christs name. Maybe the rapture is coming and maybe it will be in the form of the Dow 8000. Kat

  2. Hi Kat. LOL! It never ceases to amaze me how some of the most self centered, stingy, greedy, rapacious, petty, vulgar and uncaring humans that ever existed on the face of the Earth can have the chutzpah to proclaim their "Christianity" so loudly and so hypocritically to the world. Have they no shame?


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