Monday, May 2, 2011

Botched Operation?

You'd be hard put to find anyone anywhere in the world who's less of a conspiracy theorist than I am. Imo the "birthers" are complete idiots, and I've had very disturbing disputes with people whose opinions I thought I respected over the "911 Truth" movement, which is even more idiotic. I never took much interest in the JFK assassination theories, though I do think it possible that more than one person was involved. And I have no use whatsoever for those who so badly want to believe that "aliens from outer space" with flying saucers have somehow invaded Earth. 

Nevertheless, there are some things that really bother me about the reports surrounding the Osama Bin Laden assassination. What bothers me most is the fact that his body was so quickly buried at sea. I also wonder at the practically instantaneous DNA  results, which look extremely suspicious, because identifying DNA is a science and not a magic trick. And now, hearing the reports coming from PBS, I see NO indication that anyone had actually identified OBL prior to the attack.

Given the riskiness of this operation, and what was at stake were it to fail, one can't help but wonder whether those involved might have decided to make their mission more "successful" than it actually was by claiming just a bit more certainty than the evidence warranted. The great question for me is: was our President actually so stupid as to order such a rapid disposal of the body at sea? or was this a decision made on the spot by those claiming to have assassinated Public Enemy Number One?

Also suspicious is the report that he was shot in the head. Meaning that the photographic evidence, if it will ever be released, may well be far from definitive. Why shoot him in the head anyhow? Snipers are trained to aim for the center of the chest, the easiest target and also the most effective.

Sorry, but there is something about this incident that bothers me. As much as I hate the idea of encouraging conspiracy nuts, I'm afraid I have no choice. If Bin Laden was NOT where they thought he was, and some relatively innocent people had been killed, then there would have been a huge temptation on the part of the assassination party to play games with the evidence. If Obama insists the body was disposed of at his order, I'll back off, because I trust the guy to tell the truth. If otherwise, then I just don't know what to think . . .


  1. Yes, there are many problems with this story and yes, there is a very slim chance that tne poor man that was killed and thrown tl the see is Osama Bin-Laden or any one related to him.
    However, maintaining that they didn't plan to kill Osama and only said they did becaus it covers up somthing els is possible but not probable. Taking into account the segnificant date, the fact that people all over are rising above the lies on all fronts and the weakenning of the "fear campain" it looks more likely that this is planed, as part of the same old bullshit the american goverment has been fedding the sleeping american public and the rest of the world.

  2. the conspiracy is the ISI inPakistan looking the other way while getting 1Billion Dollars Yeat and harboring Bin Laden. How did that happen?

  3. Amir: "However, maintaining that they didn't plan to kill Osama and only said they did becaus it covers up somthing els is possible but not probable."

    I never said that and no, I don't maintain it. I think there WAS a plan to kill Osama, but that it must have been a complete failure. And no, I don't think it was a US govt. conspiracy either, at least not at first. I think they hoped they actually had him and when it turned out they didn't, then they went into damage control mode, ala Bush, ala Nixon. I have a horrible feeling this is going to be Obama's Watergate. What a shame!

  4. Anonymous, I'm sorry but I can't see this as any Pakistani institution looking the other way or trying to protect Bin Laden. I think it's more of a case of the CIA thinking it knew more than anyone else about his whereabouts, making a wild guess and being completely wrong and now trying to avoid humiliation at all costs.

  5. I had a sinking feeling the moment I heard they dumped the body at sea gangland style to swim with the fishes. I always thought an essential element of American jurisprudence is having the body. No body no murder. Not to say that this was a murder per se, but if the special forces were that close and OBL was truly unarmed it might have been advantageous to actually have the body in addition to a bit of DNA. Although the last thing the Seals were thinking about in those moments was politics, surely they must have considered this could become the republicCons grassy knoll moment.
    The party line that they were afraid of creating a shrine just seems a bit weak.
    I too would believe whatever Obama says but there is always the chance that even he could be left out of the loop. Maybe I read too many La Carre novels but a lot can go on behind the scenes.
    I so want to believe the story as it has been told but something does seem slightly off. Was there a fire fight with his bodyguards? If not, why not just take him alive and try him in an American court for war crimes? Ashevillekat

  6. A little late in comment, but I think it's weird
    to believe Osama is not dead, while at the same time believing that Obama is basically a decent,
    truthful man doing the best he can. I prefer to believe (though the "official story" coming down daily changes daily), Osama is dead, and there's probably conclusive evidence of it which will come out in time by experts who've had access to it, trusted experts with credentials. Unlike Obama, who I stupidly voted for (never again...)

    This was pure, planned, pre-meditative murder in my view of Osama by Obama (who I think is just a puppet of Wall Street and the Pentagon), but while I'm not at all disturbed by Bin Laden's departure, what DOES disturb me is the blatant LYING by our great democracy, and the mainstream media.

    I don't cut Obama any slack at this point, over this or another dozen issues and promises he hasn't kept. I wish my fellow progressives and true "liberals" would forget about this continuing harping about the previous president's shortcomings and crimes, and start concentrating on why almost nothing Obama has done since getting elected, has been anything substantially different from the policies of his predecessor.


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