Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Letter to the NY Times

At this point I don't know what to think about the Bin Laden mystery. We're not hearing any denials from any of the witnesses. No one has come forward to dispute the identity of the wives or children who were present. They're showing videos of Bin Laden watching himself on TV. Al Qaeda has acknowledged his death, for whatever that's worth. (Normally any pronouncement from that quarter would be widely ridiculed but in this case everyone seems to be taking it at face value.)

I'm still puzzled as to why they felt they had to dispose of the body so quickly and I'm annoyed over Obama's unwillingness to release the photos, but on balance it looks like they actually did off the guy, and on balance I have to admit that it's OK with me. Only I wish they did it in a less cowardly and reprehensible way. I am moreover deeply distressed that they felt they had to kill others on the scene, who may or may not have shared his guilt to the same degree. Surely those people deserved a fair trial even if you want to agree that Bin Laden didn't. But most of all I am incensed that they lied about the incident, and lied in the most reprehensible possible way, by making cold blooded murder look like heroism.

Maureen Dowd has written a particularly disgusting editorial in the NY Times, entitled Killing Evil Doesn't Make Us Evil, and I felt obliged to respond. This is what I wrote:
Our soldiers killed an unarmed man in cold blood when they could just as easily have captured him. And by the way they also killed some other people, including a child. What was THAT for? Moreoever, our President lied about it, making it into some sort of heroic firefight when it was nothing of the sort. The was no "fog of war," so why was it so hard for those in charge to get the story straight? Looks to me as though the truth came out only after they reminded themselves that there were witnesses present. Guess they forgot to kill everyone on the premises, what an embarrassing oversight.
I'll never again believe another word this President or anyone in his administration says about anything. I voted for him once, but no more. And I have no use for you, either, Maureen. Killing evil may not be evil, but killing innocent bystanders for no reason is. And lying about it to make yourself look better is. Too bad you don't get it.


  1. Great letter, Doc. When we sink to their level "the terrorists win".
    I , too, believe it was old Osama they killed. I still wish they had captured him and tried him for war crimes and hanged him properly. That would send a clearer message to the world about the kind of civilization we are fighting and dying for. I'snt that what all this is about? A clash of cultures?Ashevillekat

  2. Docg, you have nailed it right on the head as I see it. As usual, it's the lies and the coverup and "cover stories" (which have changed daily) which disturbs me the most. The mainstream media have completely missed the boat on this, but they serve their purpose, even if they do so with fierce duplicity. This was a war crime, and Obama is a war criminal. In 99.99 percent of any war conflicts, if the winning opponent deliberately does NOT take the enemy alive, when they have the complete advantage, and instead just kills the target, especially if it's some old crippled unarmed guy in his pajamas, that's murder and a war crime. Why can't Obama just be honest? Maybe because he's not what a lot of his supporters and who voted for him, thought he was, or would turn out to be.


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